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Certificate in Ensemble Species Distribution Modelling with R.

2 &3 November 2019

Online course

Institute for Biodiversity conservation and Training is pleased to announce workshop on Ensemble Species Distribution modelling with R. The workshop will be held on 2 and 3 November 2019. This course will be delivered online. In this course, the participants will be introduced to fundamentals of Species Distribution modelling, GIS Operations and hands-on-training with R.

What is Ensemble Species Distribution modelll?

Species distribution modelling (SDM) using several techniques or multiple algorithms now a days are widely used technique. The ensemble models are widely used method for pressing environmental issues such as biodiversity conservation (Franklin 2010), invasives risk assesment (Ficetola 2007), climatic change impact on species distribution (Kearner 2010) and Zoonotic diseases (Gonzalez 2010). Species distribution models used in several research areas in conservation biology, ecology and evolution. The SDM is also known as Ecological Niche modelling, Envrionmental niche modelling, habitat modelling or climatic envelop modelling. In short, to overcome the limitations of several algorithms scientists can model species distributions using several alogorithms and combine it.

Benefits of this course

By the end of the course, the candidates will be familiar with theory and gain practical experience in modelling species distribution and ensemble for Past, Current and Future using R.

Upon completion of this course candidates will be able to able quickly publish paper in reputed journals/thesis.

Who can attend this course?

Students pursuing Bachelor's, Master Degree, M.Phil., Post-Doc, Research Scholars, Researchers, Scientists who are working across broad range of fields, including, conservation biology, life sciences, ecology, evolutionary biology etc. Experienced and would like enhance knowledge can also apply.


By the end of the workshop, the candidates will be equipped on:
1. Understand the Fundamentals of Species Distribution modelling.
2. Data prepration using open source GIS softwares for Ensemble modelling.
3. Ensemble species distribution modelling using 10 different algorithms.
4. Publishing Tips

No of Seats: 15

What should I do to attend workship?
Email following details to
Mobile No:
Email id:
Institution Name/University Name:

Selection of Candidates:

This course accepts a minimum of 30 students. The candidates will be selected on the basis of first come first serve. The selected candidates will be notified by email and on our website.

Course timings:

The course will commence at 9:00 am and expected to complete by 6:00 pm everyday.

What is the cost of the Workshop?

The Registration fee for SDM workshop is Rs. 3540 (Rupees Three thousand Five hunderd and Forty only) payable online on or before deadline (selected candidates only). The fee covers the lectures, the course material and free data sets.

Will I get certificate?

Yes, Upon successful completion of this course the candidates will receive Certificate via email. Attendance to all the sessions are mandatory.


The course will be delivered online.

Note: Participants required laptop with camera, good high-speed internet connection and Headset with Mic.

Wish you Good Luck!!

IBCT Team,

#17, 302, 3rd floor, 3 'A" cross, #5, 7th Main road, Shankar nagar, Bangalore 560096, Karntaka, India